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Best Life Retreat strives to bring together authentic healers whose lives, presentation of themselves, and practice reflect the information and experience they are being entrusted to deliver to retreat participants. 


Creating experiences is an art. Whether you’re launching a new idea to share your passion with the world, or maybe you’re taking your business to the next level.

Lv Horton

Meet Lv Horton! 

Creative Director, Photographer, and author of Creative.Cool.Confident: 4 Ways to SLAY TF out of your Self-Esteem (2023). Lv will not only capture the moments of the retreat, but she will also use her photos to help the woman tap into their Confident Badass...with the photos to prove it! 

Learn more about Lv by visiting her site

Krystal Paige-Hyman

Meet Krystal Paige-Hyman!

Krystal Paige Hyman is a Certified Clarity Catalyst Trainer and an ACE Certified Health & Wellness Coach specializing in Talent Development, Crucial Conversations, and Leadership Development in the tech industry. She is a lead trainer and facilitator for Talent Development programs in North America.

Learn more about Krystal by visiting her site 

Let's hear what Lv has to say!

We are super lucky to have this incredibly gifted and talented woman on board as a 2023 Facilitator! Lv is also Creative Director of Best Life Retreat in addition to being a publisher and CEO of LVH Creative Media! Lv will not only capture the moments of the retreat, but she will also use her photos and strategies outlined in her new book to help guests tap into their Confident Badass...with the photos to prove it! 

Let's hear what Krystal has to say!

We are super lucky to have this incredibly gifted and talented woman on board as a 2023 Facilitator! She is bringing transformational content key to healing and winning in the workplace!!!!

Become a 2023 facilitator!

Best Life Retreat's mission is to bring together the best trained, most engaged healers, practitioners, and educators willing to continue to grow in their practice with communities and networks ready to leverage for the retreat. We will deliver an incredible experience to our facilitators and our facilitators must deliver for us!

Our facilitators are treated to a 2-day pre-retreat event designed to orient them to the Best Life Retreat brand, culture, mission, and values. Facilitators are also given time to become familiar with the final retreat agenda, review training tips, and meet retreat co-facilitators in person. Facilitators are provided plenty of time to transition into the setting and venue.

Please check out the Facilitator FAQ below if you want to join the family. If you can commit to guidelines and agreements, submit an application to be considered immediately! You can also contact to have the application emailed.

What is your healing gift?

Have you developed talents and skills designed to deliver healing? Have you honed the knowledge and information key to cultivating wellness? Do you know how to mindfully communicate your gifts? Join our team and let's build together!

2023 Facilitator FAQs

Best Life Retreat values humility, honesty, innovation, awareness, connectivity, and inclusivity. If you cannot align with these values, you can pass us by! Our participants are entrusting us to provide a safe space, engaging content with relevant material, and a setting that allows for a rest.reset.reconnect. transformation to occur. 

We are committed to delivering to our guests.

See Facilitator FAQs below - let us know if you are down!

Yes. First step to applying to become a Best Life Retreat Facilitator is submitting an application.

Yes. There is a simple independant contractor agreement that will have to be signed.

Applicants must provide a resume, a short bio, a high-quality photo & professional reference from a previous client or collaborator as part of application submission.

Yes. All Best Life Retreat facilitators must have active professional general liability insurance in place listing "Best Life Retreat."

Yes. To be a Best Life Retreat facilitator you must agree to the following guidelines:

  • Participate in mandatory 2-day pre-retreat facilitator event;
  • Commit to regular promotion of retreat on social media (content will be provided);
  • Commit to recruiting at least 1 participant to attend the retreat.
  • Participate in 3 virtual pre-retreat meetings;
  • Deliver mindfully prepared & tested content with session outlines submitted for review & approval no less than 30 days before the retreat start.

Yes. Best Life Retreat will cover the cost of the following: 

  • R/T airfare (including 2-day pre-retreat event);
  • 1 checked bag;
  • Airport transfer to/from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay; and
  • Accommodations during retreat (including 2-day pre-retreat event).

Best Life Retreat will cover the cost of 2 meals a day, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks offered at retreat venue.

Facilitators should come prepared to pay for 1 meal day plus any additional food or beverages.

Best Life Retreat encourages our facilitators (and guests) to experience & support local businesses.

Ship any supplies (FL address provided) needed to support  implementation of session (at your own expense) to arrive no less than 30 days before the retreat starts.

Best Life Retreat provides airport transfer service. Facilitators are responsible for their own travel in and around Negril. Local taxis are reasonable up and down the beach road for $150 JMD which is about $1 USD.

Best Life Retreat will provide a $500 stipend to facilitators who successfully recruit a retreat guest paying at full price (promotions included).

Facilitators are permitted to drink and smoke. However, this is permitted only under the following guidelines:

Best Life Retreat expects all faciliators to maintain what we call a Best Life Retreat living lifestyle when around and interacting with retreat guests during "off" hours.

We describe the Best Life Retreat living lifestyle as one in which all individuals representing the Best Life Retreat brand conducts themselves in a professional, respectful and accessible manner. A manner in which promotes safety, engagement and accessibility for retreat guests.

If facilitators are staying at the same location as retreat guests, we expect the Best Life Retreat living lifestyle to be maintained 24/7. 

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