Jamaica·December 7 - 12 2023

Women's Wellness Retreat




Best Life Retreat curates unique experiences for women to mobilize wellness by promoting rest and self-care. We use healing arts, curriculum-based education and cultural immersion/exchange as our platform covering many of the concerns of most women today! Our experiences & activities also provide guests with an authentic Jamaican cultural exchange & immersion spanning food, music, culture, nature, local events & cool venues. Participants will: --reawaken senses. --reconnect to body. --deepen curiosity about alternative healing modalities. --receive curated instructor-led content by skilled facilitators. --receive an authentic Jamaican cultural immersion. All-inclusive package include: 1. Luxury beachside accommodations in private bedroom-suite and bathroom 2. Two meals each day in addition to healthy snacks & drinks. 3. Two excursions (seaside & hillside). 4. Transportation in & round Negril. 5. Retreat program. 6. Individual & group photo shoot. 7. Welcome Gift Bag.


Source to Plate Eating Experience

Source to Plate Eating Experience

Enjoy an organic source to plate eating experience. Two daily healthy meals and freshly made natural drinks are included in your retreat package. Vegan and other dietary requirements can be met. Please indicate your dietary requirements when you register. Meals are prepared with love for your nourishment, enjoyment, and delight everyday by the retreat chef! You will also have access to local restaurants, street food and bars to experience local food favorites and vibe.

No Over Programming

No Over Programming

Programming is intentional yet not overdone. You will have plenty of time to enjoy beautiful Jamaica and just REST by the water’s edge.

Breathtaking Excursions

Breathtaking Excursions

Regardless of what kind of package you choose, (2) incredible excursions are included that will immerse you in the beauty and culture of Jamaica!

Get A Feel for Local Culture

Get A Feel for Local Culture

Negril, Jamaica is fully up and running! We will make time for some local fun. Music, dancing and laughter is a BIG part of self-care!

Unbelivable Sunsets

Unbelivable Sunsets

You will experience some of the most incredible sunsets in the world along the famous Seven Mile Beach!

Experience the Hillsides on the Northwest Coast!

Experience the Hillsides on the Northwest Coast!

Although the majority of your time will be spent along the sea, you will also get to experience the lush hillsides of Hanover Parish. You will be immersed in the tropical paradise the hillsides have to offer.

Visit Local Small Farms

Visit Local Small Farms

See how local small farmers cultivate and help bring organic goods to local tables.


2023 Women's Wellness Retreat Team

Amu Ptah,  CEO, Host, Best Life Retreat

Amu Ptah, CEO, Host, Best Life Retreat

A native New Yorker growing up in Harlem, Amu is a consultant, entrepreneur and endurance athlete who has been homesteading and building a small farm in Hanover Parish, Jamaica for the last six years. She has worked for 20+ years developing programs and transforming healthcare systems to more effectively respond to the negative consequences of drug misuse on people and communities.  

As an entrepreneur, Amu started PTAHWORKS (TA-WORKS) INDUSTRIES, INC., in 2017. PTAHWORKS INDUSTRIES comprises several projects aiming to create meaningful content, products and experiences to advance health, foster greater human connection and self-discovery. Best Life Retreat is a project of PTAHWORKS INDUSTRIES, Inc.

As an endurance athlete, Amu has completed over twenty-five 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, marathons and triathlons. She is a member of All Women’s Tri Team


What's Included

What's Included

Airport transfer from/to Montego Bay

Ground transportation in and around Negril, Jamaica

2 meals a day prepared by a private chef

2 excursions that will immerse you in the culture and beauty of Jamaica

Welcome gift bag

Curated retreat content

Private photo shoot experience.

Retreat wrap party!

Beachside & Cliffside

Beautiful Intimate Accommodations Perfect for A Retreat!

Highlighting some of the best venues Negril has to offer with each retreat experience!

Beachside & Cliffside


It was my first time doing Liquid Motion and it was a great experience. Since I gained all this weight, I wa lacking confidence, not feeling sexy again, but this being in your class, I regained my sexy. I'll be forever tilting and tucking

Denisha, Retreat Guest

This retreat was amazing! I learned so much about myself as a woman and a mother! I am even more proud my daughter saw me try new things and meeing amazing women in the process. We both will remember this experience forever!

Paula, Retreat Guest


Best Life Retreat curates experiences to mobilize wellness. We do this by designing programs that offer opportunities to retreat, reset and reconnect. Set in Negril, Jamaica, wellness retreats are culturally immersive and all-inclusive experiences. Programming is led by trained, certified and licensed professionals based in the United States and Jamaica. These events are hosted in a private beachside villa along the beautiful 7-mile beach. Our curated experiences and activities also provide participants with an authentic Jamaican cultural and community-based immersion from food, music, culture and nature to local events, cool venues, history, and interaction with the local community.


It is recommended to plan arrive to Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ) btw 10a - 1p EST on Thursday, December 8, 2022.

It is recommeded to plan to depart Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ) btw 1p - 5p EST on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

You will be flying into Montego Bay, Jamaica. The airport code is "MBJ."

Negril is approximately 1.5 hours from Montego Bay.

As the largest English-speaking Island in the western Caribbean, Jamaica's borders are now fully open and tourism to this beautiful country is thriving after a very difficult 2020-21 season. Like most locations around the world, Jamaica has been impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. Proof of a negative COVID19 test (taken within 2 days of arrival) must be provided before entering the country (regardless of vaccination status).

Best Life Retreat staff have been fully vaccinated and/or receive regular COVID19 PCR tests. Staff also receive temperature checks upon entry to the retreat site each day and are also required to mask while working on-site.

Best Life Retreat guests and instructors are required to either be fully vaccinated against COVID19 or to have received a negative COVID19 test within 48 hours of arrival to Jamaica. Guests are encouraged to mask while in public areas outside retreat sit, but masking is no longer mandated in Jamaica.

There are a variety of options in Negril for tourists to take a PCR COVID19 test and receive results before departure for at least $30USD.

Women's Wellness Retreat

Jamaica· December 7 - 12 2023· 5 nights